Monday, April 7, 2008

Books I Want

LINQ In Action
Consider Phlebas
Broken Angels
The Ghost Brigades


MDF said...

When you get the part about CUFFLinQ, let me know how it is.

Consider Phlebas sounds GOOD! I'll have to add it to my list.

Ditto for Broken Angels!

The Ghost Brigades is an EXCELLENT book ending a series. I'll loan you mine, Brother. I can't recommend this more highly.

Andy said...

I thought "The Last Colony" was the end of Old Man's War?

I'll trade you The Ghost Brigades for Altered Carbon, which is the book before Broken Angels. Altered Carbon is hard core noir sci-fi and it's friggin' awesome.

MDF said...

Right you are, technically. I felt that "The Last Colony" was a derivative of the first two books, more than anything. Regardless, Scalzi is a freakin' genius. He could write bedtime stories and I would buy them all..

We gots to go by Borders Books - I have SIX gift cards from there and I want to dump them. On anything.